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The difference is that a sister understands that she has insecurities, but has the courage and strength to say let's be proactive and continue our African-American sisterhood by not moonwalking backwards, but moving forward by staying empowered.

couldn’t help themselves when the actor made a rare public appearance with wife Jennifer Pfautch. Since then he’s managed to keep his family out of the spotlight.

Omari is the son of Attorney Clifford Hardwick IV and Joyce Hardwick. He received his education from Marist School in Atlanta, Georgia.

It was a challenging role for me because I am a black guy. I wanted to see how I would run and live differently as my character. But you know what, let me take a step back in this interview and reflect on where we are at this moment.

And white guys like Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal can play those types of roles and their audiences will say that the roles are artistic. I did not get through the run without checking out women. Understanding that you and I both know how huge UGA is and we are in LA now.

And they're taking full advantage of the trendy, family-friendly Tribeca area.

"Being Mary Jane" star Omari was spotted on daddy duty Saturday afternoon as the family crew hit up Ivy's Bistro: He's looking exactly how Ghost looks when he's suspicious about his surroundings...

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