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On Monday, a jury found Dickson, 32, guilty of first-degree murder after deliberating just a few hours.

“This is a very fair decision from the court,” Jianhui Liu said through a translator outside the downtown Toronto courthouse.

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Qian “Necole” Liu, 23, had been in Canada for seven months before she was killed by Brian Dickson, a fellow tenant in a rooming house south of the York campus, as her ex-boyfriend watched helplessly over a webcam.

The Service had lengthy consultations with the Toronto Police Association, the Ministry of the Attorney General, the Information & Privacy Commissioner, the Ontario Human Rights Commission and, most importantly, the officers participating in the pilot project.

Rain mixing with the tears on her face, Zheng Yaru clutched a photo of her only child as her husband praised the Canadian justice system.

The defence countered that Dickson is only guilty of manslaughter because he killed Liu unintentionally as she resisted his sexual advances around 1 a.m. Dickson’s plea to manslaughter at the start of the trial was rejected by the Crown.

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