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So far, fifty- one prehistoric sites have been identified across Eritrea, from Karora in the north to Beylul in the southeast, but many more are expected to be explored in the coming years.

The earliest inhabitants of Eritrea were probably related to the Central African Pygmies.

The Ethiopian invasions conducted on the southern and the western parts of Eritrea have destroyed many places of natural and cultural heritage in the country.

Among the natural heritage, huge and ancient sycamore trees have been cut down for fuel and other purposes.

The official recognition of the United Nations for a World Heritage Site is based on its historical, cultural, or other significance, and gives these sites protection through international treaties.

Founded in the 15th century by Sultan Ahmad Shah, its architectural complex is dense with old walls, gates, mosques, homes, and tombs.

Other new listings celebrate more recent human innovation, such as the Tarnowskie Góry Lead-Silver-Zinc Mine in Poland, which has a 16th- to 19th-century underground water management system that “made it possible to use undesirable water from the mines to supply towns and industry.”Other listings honor natural wonders, with the Lake District in the United Kingdom included for its Ice Age-sculpted topography, as well as its artistic influence.

Asmara, the capital of Eritrea, is the first modernist city to be listed as a World Heritage site.

From its Fiat Tagliero garage, with streamlined wings that soar like an airplane, to an art deco bowling alley, Asmara has an incredible wealth of 1930s Italian futurist experimentation.

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