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"Recognizing your culture, accepting it and getting to this place where you accept the idea that, 'there are a lot of different cultures out there, and I’m not gonna insist on being dominant.'" Cashin said much of the racial conflict we experience today is a clash of world views. "There’s all this social science that shows, for example, a white person that has a black friend, that predicts a greater empathy for the things black people experience," she said.In the past, interracial friendships weren’t as common.

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Delia Douglas’ experience growing up has been different from the rest of her schoolmates.But the data also paints a complicated picture: As is common in patterns of prejudice, research suggests that people tend to say they're more comfortable with mixed-race couples than they actually are.Marriage as an institution is also changing, and more young people are at least claiming to place value living with a partner over marrying that partner.They have a 5-year-old daughter who is fair skinned, with light hair.“Especially in the first three years of my daughter’s life, people often would stop and ask me if I was the nanny.

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