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In the light of the putative origins of Israel, von Soden says that “tribes” and “nations” are both words that scarcely apply to the ancient near east.By the start of recorded history, the people of the region, except for desert Bedouins, and the Indo-European tribes entering from the east had already passed the tribal phase of society.will never be a restriction in joining the Tsunami Project. Iranian people had power between the rivers for long periods.

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From the April issue of Apollo: preview and subscribe here Few people could have imagined, after the trail of destruction to Iraqi cultural heritage following the Second Gulf War in 2003, including the looting of the Iraq Museum, the desecration of Babylon, and the pillaging of archaeological sites, that things would have got even worse. Since Islamic fundamentalists (variously known as Isis, Isil, IS or Daesh) overran Mosul on 10 June 2014, they have not only introduced a reign of political terror but, in the name of religion, have cut a swathe of destruction through the unique and irreplaceable cultural heritage of northern Iraq.

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