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Upon a candidate's successful completion of the written exam, the department will notify the candidate to proceed with the form application process. Fill out the CAS-5 form online, and follow the prompts. Download, print, and fill out these paper forms below and bring them with you to your interview. Stephen Collins -- who played the pastor/dad on "7th Heaven" -- confessed to his estranged wife he was a child molester, and it's all on tape ... Collins -- who is in the middle of a nasty, prolonged divorce with actress Faye Grant -- revealed to her in 2012 he had molested and/or exposed himself to several underage girls years before. and molesting a child under the age of 14 qualifies. Partial, maybe I think." Grant then inquires about other girls. In addition to "7th Heaven," he was also on the ABC Family show "The Fosters," about a bunch of young kids being raised in a foster family.

He's college educated and has a military background.Please follow the instructions and complete the forms carefully.If you have any questions on how or when to complete a form, please call the Candidate Relations Desk at 718-312-4226.Your training, dedication and experience proved invaluable and can certainly be an asset in the future.Here, you will find answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) about volunteering and retirement support.

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