Practice exercises on radiometric dating

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Grass-tempered wares are well represented amongst pagan Saxon communities of the immediate post-SYNONYMS OR RELATED TERMS: grog CATEGORY: ceramics DEFINITION: Foreign material (sand, plant fibers, grit, shell, crushed rock, broken pottery) added to clay for potterymaking to improve its firing qualities and prevent a vessel from cracking during the drying process.

If you wait another 4.5 × 10 years and measure the mass of uranium-238 in that rock you will find there will be only ½ × 50 = 25 g left.

We could tabulate the mass of uranium-238 remaining after an interval of time measured in numbers of half-lives as shown below: years, we can read it straight of the graph as a mass of approximately 21.5 grams.

Remember, half-life of a radioisotope is defined as the time it takes for half the isotope to undergo nuclear decay.

At time 0, the mass of strontium-90 in the bone is 36.00 mg.

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