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In reality, Sox general manager Rick Hahn didn't have any players left to deal after sending left fielder Melky Cabrera to the Kansas City Royals on Sunday for a pair of minor-league pitchers.

Between July 13 and 30, Hahn unloaded Jose Quintana, Todd Frazier, David Robertson, Tommy Kahnle, Anthony Swarzak, Dan Jennings and Cabrera in five trades that netted the White Sox 11 minor leaguers and veteran relief pitcher Tyler Clippard.

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That's the price teams have to pay when transitioning from veterans to rookies, but Hahn has gathered up an impressive stable of young talent dating to December, when Chris Sale and Adam Eaton were traded for seven prospects.

Given a page to fill in either of these two mediums and the artist makes every square inch count.

In his woodcut of Christ’s flagellation, for example, the details are rich: a small boy blows a horn; one of the tormentors pulls Jesus’s hair while another ties up another sheaf of birch in great haste. Another woodcut shows men at a spa in which the strategic placement of a spigot and tap makes for one of the earliest art historical innendoes.

Enjoyable all the way through, crossing the likes of the AVENGERS meets JULIANA HATFIELD without ever sounding like either.

Smart arrangements behind zesty lyrical content and a penchant for some thick and slick guitar tricks. ” of Canadian talent dating back to the 80’s (U-J3RK5, POINTED STICKS and DISHRAGS).

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